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"Recreational Vehicle (RV) Facility Information"

For details and space availability contact Dave Hewitt at (727)743-7157 or e-mail: dchewitt40@gmail.com

Minnreg RV Storage Rates   (Effective  Jan. 1, 2019)

Total Length        Rate          Tax          Total
20 Ft or Less     $50.00       $3.50       $53.50
20 to 25 Feet     $55.00       $3.85       $58.85
25 to 30 Feet     $60.00       $4.20       $64.20
30 to 35 Feet     $65.00       $4.55       $69.55
35 to 40 Feet     $70.00       $4.90       $74.90
40 to 45 Feet     $75.00       $5.25       $80.25

Rates are monthly, due on the first of the month.

A one months deposit is due when moving in, to be used as a last months rent.

Checks only are to be made payable to the "Minnregs".
Enter space # and month/months being paid.

Vehicles parked in wrong spaces are subject to be towed at owners expense.

Vehicles over 3 months behind in rent payments will be considered abandoned and subject to being towed and auctioned off at owners expense.

Empty spaces a month behind in rent will be re-rented as spaces are needed.

The Minnregs are not responsible for fire, theft, damage or vandalism.

Payments are to be mailed to the Minnreg Post Office Box as follows:

        Minnreg RV Storage
        P.O. Box 2665
        Largo, Fl. 33779-2665

Please send all communications to the Webmaster, Thank You.
Updated: 12/31/18

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