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Honeywell Retirees Club Information

Come join with your friends and keep in touch.

Ask to receive the Monthly Retirees Newsletter now on line.
You can also go to the Retiree's New Web Site at http://honeywellretireesclub.com/

The Honeywell Retirees Club consists of Honeywell retirees and their spouses.
Our purpose is to sponsor, promote and supervise social activities and volunteer services.

Generally we meet once a month on the third Wednesday of the month except for June, July, August and December. There is a short business meeting at 1:30 P.M., then lunch followed by a social event. Check the Calendar for any changes to the meeting date.

If you are a Honeywell retiree and would like to join the club please contact us for a membership application by calling (727) 260-7498 or by e-mail hwlretirees@gmail.com

Please send all communications to the Webmaster, Thank You.
Updated: 3/27/18

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